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Instagram has become a major platform for campaigning businesses and building brand awareness. Almost 86% of the top marketers have grabbed this opportunity and have left a mark on this platform with their killer marketing strategies.

However, to build a rapport on Instagram, you need to follow proper strategies and steps that can guide you to become a successful brand.

A clear campaigning goal

Often, a company faces losses in promoting the business on Instagram due to the absence of a clear-cut goal. To avoid this, one needs to find out the purpose of campaigning.

For example, you might be trying to focus on the number of followers, brand awareness or simply, trying to sell more. Be clear about your objectives first and set up a goal; only then can you initiate an effective Instagram marketing campaign.

Insight into Target audience

Now, this is the most important part of your campaign as target audiences are the pillars of your success. You may know who your target group is; however, it is equally essential to know their preferences and behavior.

For example, if your business revolves around fashion, try to get knowledge about the type of fashion your customers are looking for. Also, Instagram’s “suggested” feature is a viable way to reach out to your target audience.

Case study: To target audiences irrespective of their body shapes, a swim suit company offered a wide range of swim suit collection that is advertised by models and influencers of various body shapes. This helped them garner huge followers due to positive propaganda.

Creating a methodical plan

While creating a plan, you have to keep in mind the needs of your target customers. Post impactful contents with engaging hashtags. Take out time to research on the hashtags that are relevant to your business.

Again, while curating contents for Instagram, plan the things in advance. This includes what type of photos you are going to create, whether you are hiring a professional photographer or not, etc. This will help you to utilize the resources you have allocated for marketing properly and effectively.

Involve Instagram influencer

Now, as you have set your goals, you need to look for influencers who are ruling on Instagram. An Instagram influencer can increase your business to a thousand folds. Here is how a proper Instagram influencer marketing can help benefit your business campaign.

  • Attracts the attention of a huge number of people.
  • Helps in creating more brand awareness.
  • Drives huge traffic to your website.
  • Brings in a lot of followers to your profile.
  • Creating popular hashtags.

Since Instagram Influencers have a lot of pre-earned followers, it helps to give a boost to your follower base. Also, engaging hashtags will help you get an additional dose of brand awareness that will ultimately make your company more visible on Instagram.

Case Study: Subaru, a US-based company, has achieved a huge follower base and an increased brand value after it collaborated with marketing influencers on Instagram and YouTube. A marked rise of about 10% was noticed after they started campaigning with influencers.

Instagram Ad

Marketers often find Instagram Ads to be effective enough for promoting businesses, but this can turn out to be expensive in the long run. To counter that, you can use the new feature of merging both Facebook and Instagram where ads on Facebook will directly target the Instagram followers.

Also, you can retarget people who have engaged with your post in some way either by clicking or viewing your profile. You can target those who have interacted by posting contents where your brand name was tagged.

Good contents with compelling captions

Posting contents with captions that are attention-grabbing as well as having a compelling caption make a great combination. While crafting a caption, ensure that it has a sense of invitation in it so that it intrigues the audience’s imagination. Important brands and businesses are posting their contents with appropriate captions which have made their Instagram marketing a successful one to a great extent.

Also, posting a hashtag that connects with all the contents is a great option that marketers look forward to.

Case Study: Tesla, a company founded by the business tycoon, Elon Mask, used the hashtag #TeslaStories to join all the contents together as well as connect personally with the audiences.

Wait for the proper timing

When all the things are planned and all your contents are ready to be used, wait for the right timing to post. In order to build a successful campaign, timing is a vital factor. For example, posting contents on Santa Clause during Christmas is the best time to avail.

Case study: Apple joined Instagram during the launch of iPhones 8 and X which drove huge followers to their profiles within a few hours.

Other than businesses, high profile celebrities and entrepreneurs also implement marketing strategies that draw audiences to their Instagram profile. Musicians often use live features and videos including live performances to interact more with the audiences.

Also, “behind the scene” strategies help in engaging with the audiences at a more personal level. Businesses can use these techniques as well to improve their marketing propaganda.

Additionally, there are various brands which have reached the peak of success by implementing killer marketing campaigns. Here is an example of 2 top brands that are effectively running their Instagram campaign.

  • Amazon- Carving an effective strategy requires creativity and Amazon did it well on their Instagram campaign. They posted a photo with a caption that offered discount as a thanksgiving gesture to the followers and customers. This, in turn, increased the sales of the company to a great extent.


  • Nintendo- An intriguing photo can leave an impact on an audience’s mind. Following this note, Nintendo curated a photo where two users are holding game consoles of two different colors and buttons. This picture was enough to generate curiosity among the audiences as the photo gave away a sense of mystery.

Along with these brands, there are a variety of others that have emerged victorious on Instagram marketing. Campaigns, which can meaningfully appeal to audiences, can make a business go a long way in this competitive market, if planned in proper way.

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